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On the left is the Original AirPort Extreme Card from the MacBook Pro Core Duo and on the right the AirPort Extreme Card from a Mac Pro.For more information please visit FAQs Since 1877, Hartmann has created products with impeccable construction and quality standards.Up until now, Apple has never sold refurbished iPhones on its online store.If you have AppleCare in effect on one of your Macs, the AirPort is usually covered for up to three years from its original purchase date.This warranty covers only manufacturing defects and does not cover any damage caused by misuse (such as transportation of unusual items), neglect, accidents, abrasion, exposure to extreme temperatures, solvents, acids, water, normal wear and tear or transport damage (by airlines for example).It would be unthinkable to do without the comfort that these appliances bring by controlling the indoor air quality of our environments and allow us to live better.

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Repair and disassembly guides for Apple Time Capsule wireless network devices.In 1999 Apple introduced AirPort - an affordable and easy-to-use solution for accessing the Internet without restrictive cables.You could get a refurbished Mac, iPad, or even a niche device like an AirPort Extreme, but never an iPhone. Apple.

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To Receive a Return Materials Authorization (RMA) Number Please contact the party from whom you purchased the product.

This Quick Start Guide is designed to guide you through installation and also includes warranty terms.While non-warranty maintenance or repairs on your Product can be performed by any company, Samsonite.The Airport extreme lost its ability to send wireless signal,.I am trying to get on the net via the extreme (using dial-up).Buying an Airport extreme from a friend who is in financial trouble that was bought around the end of May and it still has around seven months of Hardware warranty left on it.The guy informs me that since I have Apple Care on my iMac, I have 3 years of Applecare on my Airport Extreme.

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Cisco reserves the right to refund the purchase price as its exclusive warranty remedy.The product has been restored to full functionality and tested.The warranty does not cover damage from improper care or misuse, excessive sun exposure, or the use of inappropriate cleaning products.


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AirPort Extreme features simultaneous dual-band 802.11ac Wi-Fi.So your maximum signaling rate is 130 or 144mbps depending on the guard interval in use.AirPort Extreme Card, an AirPort Express or AirPort Extreme Base Station, Time Capsule, an Apple-branded DVI to ADC display adapter, Apple RAM modules and Apple USB SuperDrive if used with the Covered Equipment and originally purchased by you no earlier than two years.

I have bought a Airport Extreme Base Station as well as an Airport Express to be used as a repeater or booster.He says that when you buy any Airport device if you have Apple Care on your Mac or iPad that will cover the Airport device as well.

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Apple Airport Extreme Base Station - 6th Generation price in Lebanon with genuine warranty.